We are a boutique family law firm with three office locations, Melbourne CBD, Mt Eliza and Sandringham. We specialise in family law and are the leading provider of family law services on the Peninsula.


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10% reduction in legal fees for anyone who becomes a client through the Oakleigh Grammar Business Directory.



Our sole ambition is to inject beauty, passion and grandeur into your event as we create memories that you will cherish forever.


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5% discount for all Oakleigh Grammar affiliates, plus 5% donation to Oakleigh Grammar.


We are a Financial Services practice specializing in wealth creation, accumulation and protection strategies as well as (separately licensed) mortgage broking services to enable an inclusive service offering as a “one stop shop”.


Exclusive Offer

  • 10% Reduction in Initial Advice Fees for anyone who becomes a client through the Oakleigh Grammar Business Directory

  • A $100 Donation to Oakleigh Grammar upon Client Engagement