Empowering your child for success within themselves

Inspiring Warriors is an innovative program that is designed to empower children/students to consider how best to move forward in any situation by developing a growth mindset. IW teaches school aged children emotional regulation and resilience. We provide a structured, engaging program that builds healthy life skills which in turn can improve educational outcomes. 

Healthy emotional regulation impacts the student’s social, emotional & learning relationships at school and at home. We work on developing the skills that enable students to gain control over their mood, motivation and choices in how they behave. IW will serve multiple purposes, we aim to have a direct impact on:

  • How the students view their choices
  • The relationship between the students and their parents
  • The relationship between the students and teachers
  • The relationship between students and their peers
  • The students perception of events and their reactions in terms of being functional & dysfunctional
  • Inspiring the student’s inner warrior
Inspiring Warriors specializes in educating, counselling and facilitating the growth mindset of all children/students. We do this in a safe, supportive environment whilst showing children that they are not alone, that others think and feel the same way that they do and can become empowered to believe that they have choice in how they choose to behave.

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