Running your own small business is like raising a child, you’ve worked so hard to nurture your idea and keep it moving that sometimes it’s hard to let other people help you. It’s true, finding good staff is hard, but once you’ve got them, you need to step back and resist the urge to micro-manage!

You’re now not only a business owner, but a leader. You should instil confidence in your staff, and believe in their abilities. The best way to get the most productivity out of your colleagues is to simply ask! Great communication is something that big businesses lack, and such a simple strategy to implement. Ditch the e-mails and speak to someone face to face, that way if there’s a misunderstanding the questions will be answered immediately!

Set measurable and achievable goals. There’s nothing worse than having a boss who expects a lot, provides little instruction, then takes the credit for all your hard work. A simple thank you goes a long way to making your employees feel appreciated.

Never underestimate the power of positive psychology. Look at every situation as a learning opportunity. This will help to inspire your team, and get them as excited about the journey of your company as you are!

Best of all, lead by example. If you set specific standards for work it’s important that you follow them yourself. If your team see you doing the things you’re asking them to do, the environment will feel far more inclusive, and it will encourage great habits!

Try and enjoy the process of building your business, trust us, you’re killing it!